The only rule is to have fun, keep an eye for you threads and be always in stitches.
Pick 15 projects that are ALREADY STARTED and FINISH them.
ha, there you are, my challenge to you. Not new ones coz we all know there are far more than 15 to which we would like to start.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update on Project #3

I am so enjoying watching everyone's progress. However, I'm afraid that this blog is having a *bad* effect on me - I keep seeing projects that I must add to my Wanna Stitch list!

Here is an update on my Project #3, Quaker Star with the Sticklounge Group. There are two more parts of this project to stitch, so the end is in sight. It is a quick stitch, and such fun.

By the way, does anyone know of a good tutorial on taking pictures of needlework?
Happy stitching everyone!
- Margaret (


  1. I totally agree with you, there are so many great projects show here, that my list of wich i like to stitch is growing longer and longer.
    I like yours too,and i think that you will have a finish very soon.

    Happy stitching,

  2. I love the light blue with bits of color. Very pretty. And aren't Quakers fun to stitch?


  3. This is beautiful! I love the colors.

  4. Wow, she's lovely. I'd put her on ly list too. :) I'll look forward to seeing her finished.

  5. Such a pretty Quaker design! Will be cheering you towards a finish soon!

  6. Looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it finished :)

  7. This one is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.



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