The only rule is to have fun, keep an eye for you threads and be always in stitches.
Pick 15 projects that are ALREADY STARTED and FINISH them.
ha, there you are, my challenge to you. Not new ones coz we all know there are far more than 15 to which we would like to start.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here are a couple of Ornament finishes. The little Quaker square is a combination of a border and then I just  stitched off the top of my needle for the interior. Fun things can happen with you venture off the top.
stitched over 1 on 28 count luganna

~ ~ ~
Then comes one of the LHN’s of 2010, which I finished stitching last night around the big ole table with a few of my Stitching Sisters.   Once I finished it I moved right along to Fa La La again from LHN. I have no idea how these will be finished but I am thinking for all of the 2010 LHN’s I may use the same fabric and finish off the same way but who know what will really happen.
For now I am committing to working on ornaments on Wedstitchday evenings when we all get together simply because most of the other projects I am working on are a tad on the larger size and require more effort to haul everything along with me. 

As always
keep An eye for threads & Be always in Stitches


  1. LOVE the idea of getting a large piece of linen to do all the LHN ornies on! And then finishing them the same. Makes them a set. Oh, you made my mind work a little harder this morn!

  2. Jayne,
    Wow I love the little quaker square. It really stands out using over 1. LHN looks cute. Congrats on your finishes!

  3. I like what you are saying about stitching ornaments on a certain day each week...That way you know you will still be getting to work on ornies, yet have ample time to devote to the wip's.... I may have to adopt that~~

    I personally want to thank you for initiating this blog for folks like me who have been putting off finishing some of their older pieces./.. When it came to me in the form of a "challenge", I knew I would be more likely to put my nose to the grindstone....Thanks!

    Take care, Faye


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