The only rule is to have fun, keep an eye for you threads and be always in stitches.
Pick 15 projects that are ALREADY STARTED and FINISH them.
ha, there you are, my challenge to you. Not new ones coz we all know there are far more than 15 to which we would like to start.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update on a 2012 Challenge piece carried over to 2013

The Alphabet Samplerings Book
With My Needle
11 pages of 16 completed
stitching on 18 ct linen

 The Halloween House Ursula Michale
SAL started Jan 2012 carried over to 2013
 Red Birds-Just Cross Stitch Magazine nov/dec 2011
carried over from 2012 to 2013
stitching on 28ct linen.
 November Snowman Vermillion
Completed 6 in the series
 Lilly Nora Corbett
stitched on 28ct Ant. White Linen
Started in 2012


  1. Hi! Your stitchery is beautiful! I love your projects!! Thank you for visiting Scooby and me. Dianna


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