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Pick 15 projects that are ALREADY STARTED and FINISH them.
ha, there you are, my challenge to you. Not new ones coz we all know there are far more than 15 to which we would like to start.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I had soooooo much fun with these two, and one was even pink!

Ok so these were not in the  "big ole wip pile" at the beginning of the year, but they were in it for a week  and it seems like just yesterday I framed them and popped them in the mail and low and behold the darn goodies landed in the lap of someone whom some of us are familiar with. The fact that it took less than four business days is amazing coz quite frankly, I didn't think I would be able to post pictures for another week and I know how many wanted to see what the heck I was trying to show last week on an eye for threads.
Thank you for being so patient. 

so, remember the dilemma of the Highland Heather/Cranberry juice?
and the fact that I don't do PINK?

 and that stand up frame...
I so changed the intent on this one just because,
(sorry about the glare)
and I am sure you will see these little projects
elsewhere in your travels soon.

you have NO idea how happy I am 
that I didn't have to 
find space on a wall for these two

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