The only rule is to have fun, keep an eye for you threads and be always in stitches.
Pick 15 projects that are ALREADY STARTED and FINISH them.
ha, there you are, my challenge to you. Not new ones coz we all know there are far more than 15 to which we would like to start.

Friday, May 20, 2011

AotH progress....

Chipping away little by little on my BBD Anniversaries of the Heart project...

Another block completed...

 Pumpkin Farm
36 ct Winter Frost R&R linen
specified overdyes

Have a great weekend~~~



  1. Beautiful!!! Do you know how big it will be when you are done?

  2. oooo lovely :) I want to get all these charts, have started got one and two just need to get some pennies to get the rest *sigh :) love mouse

  3. Beautiful! Makes me wish I'd decided to stitch these as one piece instead of separately!

  4. Faye - It looks beautiful - I want to stitch them all on one block after seeing how beautiful all the bloggers photos look - I don't have all of the patterns yet but I am getting closer ;)

    Thanks for sharing the photo -


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